June 21, 2018

"Open school" - Summer 2018

Hello everyone!

Many people who follow this blog have been with Seiritsu in some form or another for a while. But some of you have not had a chance to come visit around the school.

We will be having some open schools in July. There is a day for trying out the club activities on Saturday, July 28th. Students can come out and try the clubs they might be interested in. This means they can have a good idea of how they are.

On Sunday, July 29th we will have our open school for junior high classes. Brent will be leading a few English classes with a special focus on Extensive reading. Our school continues to add different forms of student-centered learning and active learning.

If you have a chance, we encourage you to come attend the open classes and open school. Come see how the important idea of 見えない学力 (mienai gakuryoku) is being developed.


Hope to see you there!

The links for the Japanese information and signing up are here:
7/28 Club: [ https://mirai-compass.net/usr/event/evtDetail.jsf?cid=2&vmodelName=evtIndexVModel ]
7/29 Junior High: [ https://mirai-compass.net/usr/seiritzj/event/evtIndex.jsf ]

June 13, 2018

Intro blog from American student Kosei

Hello my name is Kousei, and I'm staying at Seiritsu for 3 weeks. I'm a Japanese born in America but I only know a little Japanese. It's a long story. All the staff in Seiritsu are very friendly and they try to speak English to you. Even the students here try to speak English to me, even though I'm really quiet. If your a Japanese American, or even if you are a foreign who wants to study in Seiritsu or visit here I think you would love your experience. You should try!! It's not going to hurt. I'm the one on the right in the picture below.


June 4, 2018

Laurence's May blog


Hello everyone! JET teacher Laurence here.

So many things changed at the international department in May! The biggest thing being, of course, preparing the new international room. It is called the SGC. SGC stands for Seiritsu Global Center. The room will serve many purposes. In the SGC, students can read English books, study, practice for the TOEFL and TOEIC tests. They can also enjoy English media during lunch time and after school.

The SGC will also be the new office for the JET teachers and some of the international staff.

Sometimes, the SGC will also be used as a classroom too.

Finally, a few times a week, there will be seminars in the SGC about lots of different topics. We are very excited to bring all of these things to Seiritsu Gakuen in a way that is accessible and useful for the students.

If you come to Seiritsu, please visit the SGC! It’s on the second floor of the taiku (orange) building.

Thank you for reading! See you next month!


June 1, 2018

Teresa's May blog


Welcome back to Seiritsu News. You are probably wondering what the graph is representing. Let me tell you in one word: Heat.

Goodness, the sun is shining like it’s a Hollywood celebrity and subsequently frying me from the outside in. Everyone, be sure to wear sunscreen. You should actually wear sunscreen everyday even in those dark, cloudy days. Let’s be proactive in protecting our health.

Speaking of health, let’s be sure to hydrate ourselves. Signs of dehydration include: dry mouth, headaches, dizziness, dark yellow urine, dry skin, and low energy. With so much at stake, let’s drink that cup of water even if you think you don’t need it!

Happy summer times!

May 31, 2018

Sports Day 2018!

Yesterday we held our junior and senior high school sports day.

The international students and teachers really enjoyed the day. And so did all of the regular Japanese students.


This is one of the highlights of the school year for most of the students. Even students who do not like sports very much are able to join in on the fun cheering for their teams and sitting and chatting with her friends when they’re not doing anything.

If you have the chance to take part in such an event, it will probably become a lifelong memory for you, just as it is for many Japanese people.

Some of our international students will probably write a little about their day in their term blogs. You can read past blog articles too. Take a look on the left side and choose the May or June months to get past students' articles.

May 31, 2018

Rebecca's first term blog

After the third grade students graduated,I became a second grade student and welcomed the new students. We had club introductions. Our singing club introduced two songs. One was Winding Road and the other one was Beauty and the Beast. And our English club also introduced our activities to groups of students. I hope that many new students will attend our clubs.


I would also like to tell you about one of the biggest activities in our school, the sports day! This year I was in the purple team. We made our class T-shirt to like a Fanta drink shape. It was so cute! Then before the sports day we had practice. We played in three games. They were pulling sticks (like a running tug of war), Hannano Stage and the horse riding battle. We were worried when we were practicing. But when the day came, all of us were very excited. We tried our best to do the two matches and to encourage the players. At last we had the big running relay contest which is separated into teams by colors .The purple team always led for the entire race. At last when the runners reached the finish line all of the purple team students come out of the tent and ran around the grounds to express our joy. The purple team won the day with the most points! We had a wonderful memory that we will never forgot!



May 29, 2018

SGC - A new room at Seiritsu

We will be opening a new room soon.

This room will be called the SGC, the Seiritsu Global Center. (We haven't decided yet if it is Centre with an "er" or an "re"...)

The room will have a bit of an international flavor. Students will be able to come and enjoy the room after school and during lunch times. We will have the extensive reading books in this room as well as information on study abroad and things like TOEFL, TOEIC and Eiken training. Some classes will be held in this room during the day as well.

We will give you more information on the room soon but we wanted to show you the progress is happening.

It used to be the calligraphy room.


A lot of stuff had to be taken out and fixed up.


And now they have put in the walls and the floor.


And here you can see the wallpaper and such going in.


It is almost done...


It will be open soon! Please watch for the next blog post on the opening of the new room!

May 28, 2018

Sports day practice

The annual sports day is coming up soon. Our students are getting ready for that day. Every morning, every lunch and every day after school, classes are practising for the various activities that will be held at the event.


Many countries have a sports day at school but sports day in Japan is kind of special. They really know how to enjoy the event.

Take a minute and check out our videos on this page here:[ http://www.seiritsu.ac.jp/category/tv ] to get an idea of what the sports day in Japan can be like.

Good luck to everyone!

May 26, 2018

William's Ueno Excursion

In this excursion, we went to Ueno to visit the National Museum in order to get more knowledge of Japanese history.

In Ueno Park, there is a sculpture of Saigo Takamori, who is one of the innovators of the Meiji restoration. I really like the people who have done the innovations, so I’m gonna study more stuff about his story.

I met a nice guy from grade one. He comes from South Korea. We have many of the same hobbies, and we both speak English and Japanese very well. I'm looking forward to learning more Korean from him. lol. I have respect for our new friendship.


May 25, 2018

Gaoussou's excursion blog

Hi there, This is Gaoussou

Last thursday I took part in an excursion.

First we visited Ueno park, which is one of biggest and most famous parks in Tokyo.

We visited Ueno Museum as well and that was my favorite time because it allowed us to travel through Japan history.

We learned about many things: pottery, swords, how people dressed then, and so on.

I really enjoyed it and I can't wait for another!




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